Annual Crane Inspections

There are four simple reasons to have your crane inspected periodically:

Increased Employee Safety: Having your crane inspected annually will provide a safer environment for your employees.

Required by law: OSHA requires an inspection be done annually.

Liability: Inspections  performed by a qualified inspector reduces your exposure to accidents  and equipment failures. Consider the cost of legal fees and insurance  premiums if someone gets hurt and an inspection was never performed, or  the inspection was performed by someone that was not qualified to do the  inspection correctly.

Equipment Reliability: When  inspections are performed annually, potential problems with your  equipment can be identified and remedied before they result in a  breakdown and decreased productivity.

Patient Equipment has a  certified inspector available to inspect your crane, keeping your  equipment compliant with current regulations. Inspections can be  performed in our shop or at your location with minimal downtime.